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Many riders have discovered the possibility of re-living their grand "adventure vacations" through video. The problem is, after a minute or two, an unchanging view from the saddle becomes… well… boring. If you want to make your video as exciting as your motorcycle ride, there are some key things to consider:

  • What and Where
  • Windshield: Through it or Around It?
Your answers to these questions can also help you decide what equipment to get. This blog post goes into detail on the What/Where/Windshield question.

How to mount it

Once you've thought about what you're planning to video and how you'd like to do it, you're ready to consider ways to mount the camera.

We're aware that HelmetCAMs are all the rage. We even own a GoPro ourselves. But we're not fans of the helmet-mounted camera. We're also not fans of suction-cup tank or windshield mounts. Read this blog post to see why!

So what's a videographer/rider to do?

A reviewer on WebBikeWorld noted: "In mounting a video camera on a motorcycle, the mount becomes very important and must have a wide range (degrees of freedom) of movement to compensate for the crazy angle at which the camera will be mounted. But after the camera is lined up, the mount must lock down solid to hold the camera steady."

In addition to the above, most motorcycle camera mounts were also terribly ugly and/or too shaky. (In fact, vibration is the #1 problem cited by most riders).

In the end, we designed our own motorcycle-mounted camera mount, the Swivel-CAM. Thanks to our patented 'third generation' design, the Swivel-CAM motorcycle camera mount solves some key problems (upcoming blog post with details!).

Choosing a Video Camera

We're not going to try to recommend a camera; we're simply not experts in this field and they change too quickly anyway. But here's what we've learned in over six years of shooting video while riding a motorcycle.

  • Quality matters
  • Learn how to use your camera
  • Practice
  • The impact of the road surface

Motorcycle Camera Mount: Swivel-CAM Demo

Universal (Tripod) Mount:

Go Pro Mount:

"Taking quality video on a motorcycle is still way too dependent upon the camera mount, and no video camera we've ever reviewed (or seen, for that matter) has the perfect mounting system. You'll nearly always end up having to cob something together to get it to hold the camera steady enough to get decent video, and that goes double (or triple) for a helmet mount." ~ Review on WebBikeWorld

Power issues? We can help you with those! See our Power Blog Post for comparisons/options, or go directly to our Battery Harness & USB Charger section.

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