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Desert Digits Hand Protectors

$169.99 $149.99 (You save $20.00)
Price reflects all add-on items and/or size/style changes chosen.
Ships within 2 business days unless otherwise noted

Mini Motorcycle Fairings for your Hands

Cold hands are a thing of the past - and so are bulky motorcycle gloves! And NO WIRING required!

Warm and dry equals comfort! That's exactly what Desert Digits Hand Protectors deliver. Desert Digits Hand Protectors are mini motorcycle fairings for your hands that attach to your motorcycle handlebars. The Ultra-Swivel feature allows you to optimally position your motorcycle hand protector for perfect protection against the elements.

  1. Flexible mounting

    Desert Digits hand warmers mount to any round handlebar (1" to 1.25" diameter). Thanks to our patent-pending "Ultra Swivel" design, the Desert Digits hand guards offer literally UNLIMITED rotational ability. (Other designs provide limited rotation or only one- or two-plane angling.) This means that you can adjust the Desert Digits exactly where it you want them.
  2. Air funneling

    The problem with traditional wind deflectors is that air (and rain!) hits the surface of the deflector, bounces off, but still comes around the plate. Result: cold, wet hands.

    The Desert Digits patent-pending convex shape solves this problem by actually funneling the air - in essence, using the windshield and the Desert Digits to push wind around and to the outside of your hands. And the Desert Digits hand protectors' elongated shape (6" x 13") provides more coverage for your hands and wrists.
  3. Ease of use - and Removable

    The Desert Digits base bracket installs in minutes with no special tools. The cover itself can be easily removed when not in use and stored in a saddlebag or other location. You do not have to keep them on all the time!
  4. Aesthetics and Quality

    Let's face it: looks matter - but so does quality. So the Desert Digits hand warmers were manufactured with BOTH in mind. The material is a rugged marine-grade vinyl that looks like leather (and by the way, matches the Desert Dawgs Rain Guards). The hardware is all stainless steel and chrome plated. MADE IN THE USA.


NOTE: Desert Digits Hand Guards are most effective when used in conjunction with a windshield.

How to Install Desert Digits Hand Deflectors on a Motorcycle Handlebar - Motorcycle Accessories (04:30)
http://www.leadermotorcycle.com Cold hands are a thing of the past - and no more bulky gloves! Desert Digits Motorcycle Wind Deflectors protect your hands and arms against wind and wet, keeping you dry and warm. They install on your motorcycle handlebar in minutes (and can be easily removed), are fully adjustable and are made in the USA of top quality materials for superior performance and durability. See our other video "Turn your Crash Bar into a Motorcycle Fairing." Free cold-weather riding guide at http://www.desertdawgs.com
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    http://www.leadermotorcycle.com Cold hands are a thing of the ...

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