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Motorcycle Clock - Goldwing

$79.99 $69.99 (You save $10.00)
Price reflects all add-on items and/or size/style changes chosen.
Ships within 2 business days unless otherwise noted

eCaddy Motorcycle Clock for Goldwing Brake or Clutch (Chrome)

If you're looking for that old-school "retro" look, you're in the right place! Our eCaddy Clock is just simple, chrome, made-in-the-USA beauty.

Unlimited Positioning Options!
  • Faceted lug slides into mounting bracket at SIX different angles
  • Unique piston design allows for 90-degree angle-ability (left-right or up/down)
  • Clock face can be pressed in at ANY angle
THE BIGGEST FACE! (If you've ever had to squint at a watch or other clock while riding - this is for you!)
  • Large face (a full 2 inches in diamter including 1/2" chrome bezel!) and large numbers make it easier to read
  • Water resistant
  • Shock resistant (great for that bike that vibrates or goes FAST)
  • Luminescent hands and numbers for viewing at night


eCaddy Motorcycle ClockOther motorcycle clocks
Clock face is a full 2 inches in diameter - so you can really see it Much smaller clock face (1-5/8" and smaller)
Unique 'piston' design allows for 90-degree angle-ability (left-right or up-down), making ONE housing usable in MANY settings No 'piston' action - each clock can be used in one setting only
Mounting bracket and clock housing are made in the USA! Made in China or Taiwan
Chrome plated in the USA. Environmental safety laws are followed during chrome plating process. Chrome plated in China or Taiwan. No laws protecting people or environment from potentially harmful chemicals.
Patented slot-and-lug design offers SIX different angle settings "Fixed" settings only
UltraSecurity pin offers extra insurance against losing components None
Clock housing and face can be easily removed without tools, leaving only an unobtrusive chrome bracket on bike Difficult to remove; you will need tools
SERVICE: We're a family-owned company and we stake our reputation on quality and service They're a big, impersonal company

This motorcycle clock mounts to Honda GoldWing brake/clutch controls as well as many metric reservoirs (screw spacing 1-1/4" to 1-3/8"). Fits both brake and clutch controls! See the Fitment Tab for details.

  • eCaddy Clock Chrome Housing
  • Shock and water-proof clock face in your choice of black or white
  • Mounting bracket (chrome) with UltraSecure and Get the Vibe Out features: you'll never lose your clock!
  • All necessary hardware


Fits all Honda Gold Wing switch housing/controls (screw spacing 1-1/4" to 1-3/8"). FITS EITHER BRAKE OR CLUTCH (LEFT OR RIGHT) SIDE CONTROLS!

  • Gold Wing (GL1500 & GL1800) handlebar controls/switch housing
  • Metric (Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki) motorcycle handlebar controls with screw spacing between 1-1/4"-1-3/8" (and no cover)
  • Motorcycle brake reservoirs with screw spacing between 1-1/4"-1-3/8"
  • Many scooters (including Silver Wing and Reflex)


Motorcycle Clock for Harley-Davidson and Goldwing (02:51)
The eCaddy Clock is probably the most flexible clock on the market. This video shows how it mounts to the controls/switch housing of Harley and Goldwing motorcycles. It has THREE angle points and the biggest face (nearly 25% bigger than competitive motorcycle clocks), so you can actually SEE it while you are riding (no small thing!). Numbers and hands are luminescent and water resistant. All chrome and Made in the USA! More details: http://www.LeaderMotorcycle.com
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