Phone Mounting Guide

Mounting a phone on a motorcycle doesn't have to be complicated. (In fact, it's less complicated than learning how to USE some of these phones!) But it's a good idea to decide what functions of the phone you are most likely to use when riding. This can help you narrow down your mounting preferences.

This list gives you eight things to think about when considering a motorcycle phone mount.

Pick your Phone "Gripper"!

Just like you may use a holster or case to carry your phone on your body, you need something that "holds" (or "grips") the phone, which can be attached to the motorcycle. This is important, since it can be a weak point and cause your phone to fall from your bike. (We've road tested many a product, and most are not made with motorcycle vibration and the condition of today's road surfaces in mind.)

There is no such thing as a "universal" gripper - the sheer volume of phone shapes/sizes (not to mention cases and covers for them) means that what works for one will not necessarily work for another. That's why the eCaddy line features different "grippers," each of which excels at different things. (See the video at upper right!)

For more specific tips on working with your phone and case, check out this page.

Waterproof Phone Cases and Covers

Nothing will put a damper on your day like your phone getting soaked and damaged by rain water. There are ways to protect your phone:

Aftermarket cases protect your phone, but make it difficult to remove the phone from the case. If you don't want to part with your case when you ride, you'll want to look at mounts that accommodate your case.

For a slimmer, cleaner look, you can slip your phone into the eCaddy Ultra waterproof case. The Ultra has a clear cover that lets you operate your touch screen and mounts to your motorcycle via a slim plate with Ultra-Swivel.

Power Considerations

The most obvious power source is a fully charged phone. But have you ever wondered if your phone will run out of power just when you need it most (especially the way some of these phones go through power)?

We've found two simple but effective way to power your phone while you ride. Read about them here.

Motorcycle Phone Mount: Which is Right for YOU?

(Also: View detailed Demo Videos of each Mounting Bracket!)

eCaddy SLIDE

For Big-Ass phones, either with or without a case/cover.

X-Grip Adaptor Mount

The most flexible phone mount on the planet.

eCaddy Tri-Grip Phone Mount

Designed for larger phones; works especially well with rubber-sided cases.

eCaddy Standard Phone Mount

No-slip holding pad, movable feet and padded locking side clamps that close tightly on your phone.

eCaddy Diamond for iPhone Mount

Possibly the most aesthetically pleasing (and most secure) phone mount.


eCaddy Ultra Waterproof Phone Mount

Waterproof case has a clear vinyl front that allows use of the touchscreen.


Hydra Waterproof Phone/GPS Case

Perfect for larger phones, or riders who just want to know their phone is protected from the rain.

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