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Wind Deflectors for Engine Guard Bars (all brands)

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Desert Digits Mini Motorcycle Fairing for your Legs and Feet

Cold legs are a thing of the past - Desert Digits Soft Fairings for your legs!

Sound too good to be true? If you ride in cold or wet weather, Desert Digits for legs and feet are motorcycle accessories you must have!

The Desert Digits were developed to solve four problems for the motorcyclist:

  1. Flexible mounting

    Desert Digits leg protectors can be mounted directly to your engine guard bar (up to 1.25" diameter). Thanks to our patent-pending "Ultra Swivel" design, the Desert Digits leg protectors offer literally UNLIMITED rotational ability. (Other designs provide limited rotation or only one- or two-plane angling.) This means that you can adjust the Desert Digits EXACTLY where it you want them.
  2. Air funneling

    The problem with traditional wind deflectors is that air (and rain) hits the surface of the wind deflector, bounces off, but still comes around the plate. Result: cold, wet legs. The Desert Digits convex shape solves this problem by actually funneling the air around and to the outside of your legs. And the Desert Digits leg protectors' elongated shape (6" x 13") provides more coverage for your knees and legs!

  3. Ease of use - and Removable

    The Desert Digits base bracket installs in minutes with no special tools. The frame/cover itself can be easily removed when not in use and stored in a saddlebag or other location. You do not have to keep them on all the time!
  4. Aesthetics and Quality

    Let's face it: looks matter - but so does quality. So the Desert Digits were manufactured with both in mind. The material is a rugged marine-grade vinyl that looks like leather (and by the way, matches the Desert Dawgs Rain Guards). The hardware is all stainless steel and chrome plated to prevent rust. ALL MADE IN THE USA!


NOTE: Desert Digits Leg Guards are most effective when used in conjunction with the Desert Dawgs Rain Guards (like a motorcycle fairing).


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Desert Digits can be attached to virtually any crash bar with 1" to 1.25" diameter. This includes factory/OEM crash bars (Harley, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, etc), Cobra freeway bars, Mustache and Nostalgia Harley crash bars, Paladin highway bars, National Cycle engine guard bars, Kuryakyn Ergo Bar, Lindby crash bars, etc
Turn your Crash Bar into a Motorcycle Fairing with the Desert Digits Motorcycle Fairing ()
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Write a Review

  1. Stops turbulence behind HD 05 Dyna Glide windshield

    Posted by D Dow on 2nd Jul 2014

    After being happy with my '03 Sportster HD windshield, which is for auxiliary lights, I was really discouraged with the full shield on the 05 FXDCI I recently bought. I wear glasses and the turbulence was so bad I at least needed side shields on the glasses to stop crying, and tried goggles with 3/4 helmet and then my full face helmet, all with various trouble. The web chat indicates I was not alone with this updraft you could feel coming around the wide tank and straight up to face. It was going to be a no-go to keeping the bike, since I still have the Sportster, which is quiet behind that different shield, with its narrow tank, engine and all. I am still wondering if the extra lights and modified bottom on that shield make the difference...
    So given the blast you can feel coming up around the tank, I wondered about engine guard covers and actually taped cardboard to my engine guard to try = no difference. So I decided to try the Desert Digits. I mounted them behind the (HD) engine guard, as high up on the straight sides as possible, and behind the guard, so the tops are beside the tank, with about an inch clearance. I just mounted the stems right into the brackets, without the ball joint adjusters. I figure that doesn't interfere with engine cooling air flow either, being mostly away from and above the engine.
    **Problem solved**!
    Now I am riding in peace behind the bug (wind) shield, with no wind storm in my face. 'No need for side shields on the glasses either. What a difference. Now I can feel the wind blast going around the deflectors and heading off behind me.
    Some (cold) day I will try the full face helmet again and see if the awful drumming noise is gone; I expect so. I had used that helmet for a 3 hr trip to Chicago, prior to having the deflectors, and the air noise was a real annoyance after 3 hours, but of course the helmet solved the windstorm in my face issue.
    The compatibility is fine in that position, high and on each side of the tank. The parked, turned forks put the bottom of the full bugshield just close to the deflector tops. I could post some photos some time maybe.
    I did do a wee customization and painted the metal frames black, to blend in with the vinyl. They may not be pretty, but I'll take function over fashion when it comes to ride comfort any day!

  2. solution to street glide buffetting

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Jul 2013

    Installed these on my 2013 street glide and rode to Sturgis today. 85 mph. No buffeting. The leather is high quality and the bike looks mean!!

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