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GPS Mount Recommendations for Garmin, TomTom and Magellan

In our opinion, you don't need an expensive "motorcycle GPS." But you do need a quality mount that can deal with vibration, harsh road conditions and weather.

These days, there are many GPS makes/models to choose from. And yes, they are different enough that they require different mounts. Here are some of the most popular GPS brands with our recommendations:

Garmin GPS Mounts

TomTom GPS Mounts

  • TomTom "One" and “Start” series: Diamond Mounts
  • TomTom "GO” series: Diamond Mounts
  • TomTom Via series: Unfortunately the design of these units makes them difficult to mount on a motorcycle

Magellan GPS Mounts

  • The Ball Mount may be used with RoadMate GPS units as long as you have a 17mm ball receiver hole (may be an aftermarket accessory).
  • You can also check the Ultra-Swivel Gadget Mounts

Waterproof GPS Mounts

If you're looking to waterproof any model GPS, most models can be mounted with the Hydra.

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  • Tracey Cramer