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New Desert Dawgs Fitment for Kawasaki Vulcan 1600


Did you know we now make TWO Desert Dawgs fitments for the Kawasaki Vulcan 1600? Whether you have a Cobra brand engine guard bar, or the factory (OEM) highway bar, you can get the Desert Dawgs to keep legs and feet warm and dry – and minimize updrafts and helmet buffeting!

The Desert Dawgs are American made from high-quality leather-touch vinyl. Easy-on, easy-off, the Desert Dawgs require NO special tools or maintenance, and can be rolled/folded and stored in a saddlebag when not in use.


  • minimize cold updrafts & helmet buffeting
  • repel road spray from front wheel and flared front fender
  • keep bug juice off motorcycle chrome (and legs!)
  • allow engine cooling - NO temperature restriction!
  • does not affect bike handling
  • accommodates all standard foot peg settings (6-inch opening)
  • Ultra-Pockets on both sides for extra carrying capacity (garage door opener, sunglasses, camera case, etc.)
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  • Tracey Cramer