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New URBAN Mounts - a Slimmed-Down, Streamlined Look


Leader has earned a reputation for high quality, Made-in-the-USA mounts for phone, GPS, camera and more. The new URBAN line features a slimmed-down, streamlined look that many of today’s riders are looking for. The URBAN mounts are of interest to sport, dual-sport/adventure, adventure/touring and cruiser riders.

But it’s not just about looks; here’s a peek at the new ‘family members’:

URBAN Round-Bar (aka Handlebar) Mount

The hallmark of this new bracket is how slim it is. It will fit in a whole lot of places! It comes in two parts (‘front’ and ‘back’ clamps) so there’s no need to remove grips, cables or anything else to attach it to the bike. The connecting screws have been placed on the front/top for ease of installation – no trying to get your hand (or wrench!) in tight spots!  See 'em.

URBAN Mirror Mount

This mount is so unobtrusive you’ll hardly notice it’s there when not carrying a device! It fits on any brand/model of motorcycle with ‘standard’ mirror stem (or other round bars) measuring 3/8 inch (9.5mm) to 1/2 inch (12.7mm). It can be mounted in any direction ('front' or 'back', 'left' or 'right'), and most of our mounting kits include a swivel capability.  See 'em.

URBAN Universal Brake/Clutch/Reservoir Mount

This bracket mounts to a brake assembly, clutch assembly, or reservoir – basically anywhere you have two bolts (minimum screw spacing 25mm/1 inch; maximum screw spacing 40mm/1.5 inch). It was developed to fit all kinds of motorcycles: sport, dual-sport/adventure – it even works on cruisers, Harleys, Goldwings and more. This mount is built on the idea that ‘less is more’ – because sometimes, it truly is.  See 'em.

What makes us different: MADE in the USA!

Leader products have a reputation for being the highest quality available, and the new URBAN line is no exception. These mounts join Leader’s LEGACY mounts (which will keep the eCaddy name), which are well-known for quality and have been an industry standard for over twelve years.

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  • Tracey Cramer