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Five Places to Mount a Gadget on your Motorcycle


So you want to mount a GPS, phone, camera or other gadget on your motorcycle.

The question is: Where? You might be amazed at the choices available to you these days!

With the variety of motorcycles (from cruiser to scooter), what works for one may not be best for another – which is why we offer multiple mounting points.

On a round bar (usually a Handlebar but could be an engine guard bar or other)

If your motorcycle has a handlebar with a round diameter (not square or extruded), this is an extremely flexible way to mount. The clamp can be placed anywhere on the handlebar, from way ‘out’ near the grips to as near to center as your motorcycle allows. Because of the built-in features of our design, you can mount it horizontally or vertically and your gadget won’t fall out! See round bar mounts. 

Brake or Clutch Reservoir

This is a common way to mount gadgets on motorcycles without a lot of room on or near the handlebar (or that don’t have a round handlebar). These types of mounts usually utilize the two bolts that hold your brake or clutch assembly together.

On our mounts, you simply remove the stock bolts and replace with (longer) bolts and spacers. See our  Universal Reservoir Mounts that work on all motorcycle types (cruiser, dual-sport/touring, sport bike, etc). as well as brake/clutch mounts specific to the Goldwing and Harley-Davidson. 


This is a great option for almost any motorcycle make or model; it just requires that you have a windshield, preferably with a brace that runs across it. Leader Windshield Mounts attach to any of the bolts on that brace, or you can drill a hole anywhere you want (our mounting bracket includes a ‘back’ bolt)

Mirror Stem

This is one of our favorite options because it works on all kinds of motorcycles, from the cruiser-style motorcycles to scooters like the Vespa. If you have a mirror STEM (as opposed to some space-age-lookin ‘formed’ mirror), this mount will work. It’s gorgeous and it’s out of the way yet right at eye level. Check ‘em out here.

Specialty Mount: Can-Am Spyder

In some cases, you can find mounts that are specific to a particular model motorcycle. For example, our Can-Am Spyder Mount is made for the area in the center of the handlebars.

BONUS! To see videos of ALL of our mounts, visit Bracket Videos Page.

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  • Tracey Cramer