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Mirror Stem Mounts Now Shipping


Our mantra is 'the simpler the better' - and our new Mirror Stem mounts are certainly that!

We revamped the base bracket to make it extremely low-profile. (In fact, it's barely 1 inch square!)

You can mount your phone, GPS, camera or other gadget on your mirror stem (or any other 'skinny' bar such as passenger rail bar) so it's out of the way yet extremely accessible. And yet it's solid - all machined aluminum (and anodized a rich black).

And, and did we mention they will work on all kinds of bikes, from cruisers, to dual sport/touring, to sport bikes?

The  Mirror Stem Mounts are really a classy, simple way to mount - just ask the first customers, whose orders went out today!

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  • Tracey Cramer