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Biker Gift Giving: The STEALTH Approach


Getting a gift for a biker isn't easy. Bikers can be choosy. They're after a certain "look." And they may already have accessories on their bike.

And if you're not close to them (or perhaps not as familiar with motorcycles in general), it can be hard to know what to buy them.

We have a few tricks to help with that! First, see our article "Getting a Gift They'll Love: Four Questions to Ask When You're NOT the Biker."

Then: Sneak into their closet (or garage, or cabinet…) and snoop through their stuff. (Just make sure to put it all back the way you found it!)

What you're looking for:

  • Boxes from electronic devices (GPS, phone, camera, radio, iPod, etc) either with or without the item in it. Take notes that include the make and model (example: GPS - Garmin - Nuvi 2595). You can use this information to get them a really awesome mount!
  • Clothing: do they have four pair of riding chaps? (If so, they probably don't like being cold when they ride, and the Desert Dawgs may be a great gift.)
  • Check out any patches sewn onto their riding clothes; this will tell you what they believe in, what they're passionate about (besides motorcycling) so you can get them things related to them

Leader products make great gifts! And, our return policy is extremely liberal. If you buy a gift from Leader and you (or they) want to return or exchange it, we don't give you hassle. That's the advantage of dealing with a small family-owned business!

To get you started (and heck, just for pure entertainment), here's a YouTube playlist of gift idea videos featuring Leader employees (and our kids!).

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  • Tracey Cramer