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How to Get the Motorcycle Accessories you Really Want

How to Get the Motorcycle Accessories you Really Want

Step 1: Know what you want

This seems straightforward, doesn’t it? And it’s easy for some people. But when it comes to owning a motorcycle, you’d be amazed what you can find to dress it up, or things to make your ride more comfortable or safer. So do a little googling. Check out a forum specific to your motorcycle and see what people are raving about. If you’ve got your heart set on something a little more complex (like, say, a motorcycle radio or a mount for your phone), do a little research.

Step 2: Know your Gift Giver

Bikers, let’s face it. Sometimes the person who’s got your name for Christmas is not a biker themselves. (Even if they are, they might not have the same interests as you.) And it’s not always easy for that person to get you that cool motorcycle accessory you’re lusting after. But if you’d rather get something for your bike (instead of a new shirt or tie), you gotta give them a little help.

Step 3: Be Specific

  • Let them know the make and model of your motorcycle (ex: Harley Softail). Really. They all look the same to some people! It’s no fun to open a gift and discover it won’t fit your particular motorcycle (although our URBAN mounts are about as universal-fit as it’s possible to be).
  • Instead of saying “I’d like a way to mount my GPS,” say “I’d like a chrome mount that attaches to my Yamaha V-Star’s handlebar that holds my Garmin Nuvi” (the words in bold can help them choose the perfect GPS mount!)
  • Instead of saying “I want to get rid of updrafts” try: “I really want a set of soft lowers (Desert Dawgs) for my Kawasaki Nomad 1700.”

Step 4: Share your Interests and Passions

Do you like to video your rides? Let them know a mount for your camera would be awesome. Want to plan an off-road trip, or take that guided tour to Alaska? Let them know – Travel-related DVDs, books, guides, etc make great gifts.

Step 5: Be Obvious

Depending how well you know the gift giver, the best way to ensure you get what you want is to print off a description of the item with a B-I-G circle around it, and leave it in a very conspicuous spot (or text/email a link to the product you want)!

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