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Kick Winter to the Curb at Daytona Bike Week!


Daytona Bike Week is March 10-19! The official kick-winter-to-the-curb event for us bikers!

Unfortunately, we won't be there (it has just gotten way too expensive and complicated) - but if we were - here's what we'd do! 

First things first: Enter for a chance to win the official Bike Week Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Tickets are $50 and only 4500 can be sold, making your odds really good! 

  • Wednesday, March 15 from 10-4: Perewitz Paint Bike Show 10-4. Because I love custom paint jobs – anything artistic or colorful (as evidenced by our Tank Art Pinterest Board)
  • Friday, March 17 from 11-4: Baddest Bagger Bike Show. Because I don’t want a bagger of my own, but I love looking at everyone else’s!
  • Friday, March 17 from 6-7:30: I’d stick around for the Ride Forever Wedding Ceremony. Because I’m an award-winning Romance Novelist and I don’t go to enough weddings (ha)!
  • Friday, March 17: Too bad I can't be in two places at once, or I'd go to Full Throttle Bike Show @ Daytona Beach Boardwalk Next to the Main Street Pier. $500 to best of show with 20 categories and 57 trophies.


Yep, the Daytona 200 (Saturday, March 18) is still on my list and someday I’m gonna make it happen. Check out all the race happenings at Daytona International Speedway! 


We love live bands (did you know Tracey used to be in one?! She's even on several albums!) so no doubt we'd spend some of our time at the Broken Spoke Saloon. (See the band line-up here)

And Riding!

Check out The Loop for a taste of Florida riding! 

If you want MORE riding, here’s a helpful site with more detailed info about riding in the area.

Last but not Least: Need a mount for your phone (for a nav app) or GPS? Want to video your Daytona experience? We’ve got you covered! Be careful out there and send pix!

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  • Tracey Cramer