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New Videos: Caddy Buddy Waterproof Phone Mount

Did you know the Caddy Buddy Waterproof Phone Mount fits most of today’s larger phones, up to 3-1/4 inch wide and 6-1/8 inch high?

It's ideal if you're looking for protection from rain/water but you want the whole thing to look slim and unobtrusive!

  • Ball mount design makes installation and angle adjustment super-easy
  • Clear vinyl front allows touch and slide operations
  • Cover flap ensures rain can’t ever get in
  • Wire can be run out the top edge (if desired)
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally (or anywhere in between)

We wanted to show you how neat and easy these waterproof motorcycle mounts are, so we made some videos. Check 'em out below! Or go directly to the Caddy Buddy products!

Caddy Buddy Waterproof Phone Mount on a Handlebar (or other Round Bar):


Caddy Buddy Waterproof Phone Mount for Brake or Clutch:


Caddy Buddy Waterproof Phone Mount on a Mirror Stem:

  • Tracey Cramer

What I Would Do (If I Were Going to the Sturgis Rally)

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally officially runs from August 8-14. But I know many of you will be heading out sooner, maybe even as early as this weekend.

One of these days, when my kids are older, I would like to attend the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally just for fun (all my Sturgis experiences revolve around manning a booth for Leader Motorcycle). But alas, it is not this year (instead I am producing and directing a play in the Minnesota Fringe Festival)!

But if I *was* going, here’s my bucket list...


Mon Aug 8: Legends Ride

This event is dedicated to bringing rally goers together to raise funds for local charities. The Legends Ride has, since its inception in 2008, raised well over $400,000 for charity and hosted riders from all over the world, in addition to some of the biggest names in television, film, music and motorcycling.

And even better, Elle King & Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert after the ride! I especially like the gritty, gutsy and gorgeous sounds of singer Elle King, who combines unapologetic rock’n’roll, vampy rhythm and blues and a slight twinge of country sadness for a stiff yet smooth musical cocktail that’s sure to get your party going. (see all Buffalo Chip bands)


Tuesday, Aug. 9: Biker Belles Ride

This women-orienteded guided ride runs through the beautiful Black Hills to a day of festivities at The Lodge at Deadwood that celebrates women in riding and supports organizations benefitting women’s causes.


Weds Aug 10: Explore

So many roads, so little time! This video by J&P Cycles has a “top ten” list. And the side trips on this page look interesting:  I think it’s safe to say I wouldn’t get bored!


Thurs Aug 11: Freedom Celebration Ride

As a former Army combat medic, this is one I wouldn’t miss…

The Freedom Celebration Ride kicks off on Spearfish Main Street, where you can hear some rip-roarin’ rock ‘n’ roll from South Dakota Army National Guard Band SGT Rock. Special guests include former US Navy SEAL and founder of Warrior Dog Foundation Mike Ritland, America’s Mighty Warriors’ CEO Debbie Lee, author and retired Navy SEAL Jason Redmen, WWII Army veteran Bob Hanson and retired U.S. Marine Corps Master Sergeant William “Spanky” Gibson!


Night Life

As an ex-bar singer myself, I love live bands. So a stop at the Buffalo Chip and the Full Throttle Saloon are a must. I’m not a huge shopper, but what would the Sturgis Rally be without a trip down main street and the many surrounding vendors? I’d get the obligatory Sturgis T-shirt and maybe some bling that I wouldn’t normally find elsewhere.


What I’d have with me

Let’s see. Husband—probably. Friends—definitely. (Kids…nope!) Helmet, chaps, boots—all the usual.

The weather during the Sturgis motorcycle rally can be extreme on either end. I’ve been caught in a hailstorm so severe it knocked out car windows and turn signals (not to mention knocked over a motorcycle or two). And I’ve sweated it out in 106-degree heat. But even on the hot days, it cools off considerably in the evening, especially if you plan to ride in some of the low mountain areas surrounding Sturgis.

So #1, I have my Desert Dawgs rain guards/wind deflectors. (In truth, I don’t go anywhere without these anymore, as they help keep me warmer when I ride). And for the hot stuff, I’d make sure I have a Roadrunner drink holder to keep my ice water in.

And, since I’m not good with directions, a GPS is a must for me (I use a dedicated GPS unit rather than my phone for several reasons). I find it makes me a lot safer to follow a GPS than to try and guess where I’m supposed to go – especially in heavy traffic (which can happen during the rally).

So, if you’re headed to Sturgis: I have a little envy (but I’ll get over it). HAVE FUN! And RIDE SAFE!

  • Tracey Cramer

Phone Mount Recommendations Made Easy

What’s the best motorcycle mount for your specific phone? Well, that depends on a few factors - and your personal taste. But here are some ‘quick and dirty’ guidelines and tools to help you decide.

First consideration: Size of Phone

In case you haven’t noticed, phones have gotten bigger. If you’re using one of those “monster-size” phones, you’ll want to go directly to the SLIDE motorcycle phone mounts (or, if you want waterproofing, the Hydra waterproof phone mounts).

If you’ve got a more reasonably-sized phone (LOL), the top sellers are the X-Grip Adaptor Phone Mount and the SLIDE phone mount. These are very different mounts (stylistically speaking).

The X-Grip has open sides so you can access buttons/plug-ins, while the SLIDE has a bar support. The Standard Phone Mount has been around for ages, so if you have a ‘smaller’ phone (think iPhone 5 and similar), it’s a simple but effective mount.

Try this: view our Phone Mount Size Chart (shows min & max sizes all our mounts can accommodate)

Second consideration: Case/Cover or Not?

It can be a pain to remove your phone from its case/cover every time you want to ride, so most of our mounts accommodate a case/cover.

But give it a close look. If the case is hard-sided and slippery, you’d do best to gravitate toward the X-Grip Adaptor Phone Mount or the SLIDE Phone Mount (or get a different case, because I’ll bet you’ve dropped it once or twice as well LOL). Cases/covers that are more rubbery can also be mounted with the Standard Phone Mount.

In fact, we have only ONE mount that requires you to have a ‘naked’ phone (see iPhone below).

Third consideration: Waterproof?

If you want waterproofing, we have two rather different styles of mounts:

The Caddy Buddy is an essentially flat case that you can operate your phone through, while the Hydra phone mount offers different size waterproof cases that zipper up. Again, this comes down to personal preference.

Some 'special' considerations

Otterbox Defender case (or other phone cases with a belt clip): the Swivel-Clip Phone Mount makes use of the belt clip, making for very convenient on/off capability.

iPhones: Most iPhones can be mounted using any our mounts (depending on size constraints). However, our all-time favorite iPhone mount is the Diamond Phone Mount because it is the cleanest, most streamlined look. However, it requires a “naked” iPhone. If you’ve got a case/cover on it, see the above recommendations.

Watch the Video!

To help you decide which works best for your phone and case, check out the video below, which shows you the pros and cons of different "grippers" and what type/model phone each is most ideal for. All in about 2.5 minutes!

  • Tracey Cramer

New Videos: Super-Secure Urban Diamond GPS Mounts

The Urban Diamond Mount is the most secure, most versatile way to mount a GPS on a motorcycle. The mount includes a form-fitted cradle specifically designed for the GPS unit. The cradle is four-sided, so the GPS will never fall out (it even has cut-outs for buttons and plug-ins). The Ultra-Swivel feature provides unlimited positioning ability but is so slim and unobtrusive, you’ll hardly know it’s there.

We wanted to show you how neat and easy these motorcycle GPS mounts are, so we made some videos. Check 'em out below! Or go directly to the Garmin GPS Mounts or TomTom GPS Mounts!

Urban Diamond GPS Mount on a Handlebar (or other Round Bar):

Urban Diamond GPS Mount for Brake/Clutch Controls:

Urban Diamond GPS Mount on a Mirror Stem:

  • Tracey Cramer

Which Phone Mount is Right for YOU?

How do you make sure your phone stays on your motorcycle?

Just like you may use a holster or case to carry your phone on your body, you need something that "holds" (or "grips") the phone that can be attached to the motorcycle.

This is important, since it can be a "weak point" and cause your phone to fall from your bike.

There is no such thing as a "universal" gripper - the sheer volume of phones and phone sizes (not to mention cases and covers for them) means that what works for one will not necessarily work for another. That's why the Leader phone mount line features different "grippers," each of which excels at different things.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth 10,000!

To help you decide which works best for your phone and case, check out the video below, which shows you the pros and cons of different "grippers" and what type/model phone each is most ideal for. All in about 2.5 minutes!

See Mounts: SLIDE | X-Grip | Standard | Diamond | Swivel-ClipWaterproof

  • Tracey Cramer

Mount your iPhone Higher (or To the Side) with Extension Options

Have you ever wanted to mount your iPhone higher so you could see it better? Or maybe you’re limited on where you can mount, and wish you could angle it toward the center of the bike.

The URBAN Diamond iPhone Mount w/Extension could be right for you! It is an extremely secure and versatile way to mount an iPhone on a motorcycle! Features include:

  • A form-fitted cradle specifically designed for the iPhone model. The cradle is four-sided, so the iPhone will never fall out (it even has cut-outs for buttons and plug-ins).
  • TWO Ultra-Swivels and TWO 360-degree pivot points so you can get the iPhone exactly where you want it – either vertical and horizontal!
  • Extension Rod so slim and unobtrusive, you’ll hardly know it’s there.
  • All aluminum and Stainless steel parts – so it will never rust or wear!
Height Options:

The “Medium” provides up to 4.75” in height.
The “Tall” provides up to 8” in height.

Mounting Location Options:

The URBAN Mount Options include: handlebar; brake/clutch/controls; and mirror stem. Most options available in both chrome and black finish. Click here to see all options.
  • Tracey Cramer