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Desert Dawgs Custom Order Process

IMPORTANT! Custom Order is FINAL and cannot be returned.

With so many bikes and highway bars out there, we cannot stock Desert Dawgs for them all. However, we now have the ability to custom sew the Desert Dawgs!

To determine if your fitment qualifies: We need photos of your bike with the bar on (note: if you haven’t bought the bar yet contact us first). The photos should be taken from: 45 degree forward / side / 45 degree back and emailed to us at zoom (at) This is to help us determine if there are fluid reservoirs, floor boards, grills or anything else that could break the plane of the Desert Dawg.

If we give you the OK to Next Step: We require the actual highway bar to pattern from. We cannot use written dimensions (height, width, etc). You can ship us your bar, or we can purchase one. If you want us to purchase, we will need the exact manufacturer part number. Also be aware that it could take longer (while we wait for the bar to arrive) and your cost will be higher than if you ship us your bar. NOTE: We reserve the right to decline the job for any reason.

Material: The default material is black leather-touch vinyl material we have been using for over 15 years to great success.*

Lead Time:  3-4 weeks after receipt of the bar

    Cost:  Starts at $179.99 (plus cost of bar if we need to purchase)

    Order Options:

    • Pockets (pockets will be on both sides if YES – no additional cost)
    • FOG-Dawg cutout at top (avail only on stock black vinyl material, extra $10)
    • Chrome studs (additional $20 - available ONLY on stock black vinyl)

    Warranty/Guarantee: We guarantee material & workmanship for 180 days on Dawgs made with our black vinyl. If you have elected to provide your own material, we cannot guarantee the material itself, but we do warranty workmanship for 90 days.

    IMPORTANT! Custom Order is FINAL and cannot be returned.


    * Different color/material: In addition to the black, we keep on hand the Indian ‘Vintage Tan’ color. If you desire some other color, you will have to provide it. We simply do not have the staff time to help you find material. IMPORTANT! We cannot guarantee how another material will function and wear over time. For the best results, find a material with the following properties. We require 3 yards (x54”).

    • Bolt Width = 54”
    • Cold Crack = -20F to -50F
    • Weight = .31 to .40 oz per yard
    • Water repellant