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Garmin Nuvi Mounts

We have two styles of mounts for the Garmin Nuvi GPS (which we show you in the below video).

The eCaddy Diamond includes a form-fitted cradle that is specific to the model GPS you are mounting. The cradle is four-sided and includes cut-outs for power buttons, plug-ins, etc. The back side features our Ultra-Swivel which allows you to adjust the mount (however this adjustment does require an allen wrench). This is our preferred mount because of it’s extremely high security.

The eCaddy Ball is the simplest way to mount a Garmin Nuvi on a motorcycle. You must have (usually received in your kit box) the ‘snap-on’ plate that contains the ball receiver hole (all Garmin use a 17mm ball) to use this mount. You simply snap your GPS onto the ball. Thanks to this ball design, the angle of this mount can be adjusted “on the fly” with no tools required.