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GPS Shipping Times

NOTE: If your GPS is a new model, please contact us (it might be one we just haven’t updated for yet).


IMPORTANT: There are no cradles planned for the DriveSmart series.

IN STOCK: We try to always keep inventory of all current models (if we are out, it’s usually less than a week and we notify you via email). Less popular/older models may take 7-10 days or ship, or may be shipped separately.

Older Garmin Models (not in stock but we can get 'em - contact us):

  • Nuvi 200 series
  • Nuvi 200 WIDE series (exception: no cradle for 295W)
  • Nuvi 300 series
  • Nuvi 465 series
  • Nuvi 500 series
  • Nuvi 600 series
  • Nuvi 700 series
  • Nuvi 800 series
  • Nuvi 1100/1200 series
  • Nuvi 1600 series (NOTE: There is NO cradle for the Nuvi 1695)
  • Nuvi 2200 series
  • Nuvi 2300 series
  • Nuvi 5000 series
  • Garmin Montana - Contact us with your model number
  • Garmin DEZL - Contact us with your model number

Note: We do not recommend the provided cradle for Nuvi 3400 & 3700 series, although our mounts WILL work with it. There is NO CRADLE for the Nuvi 3597 due to magnetic properties of the GPS unit.

If you have a Garmin Nuvi model not listed here, please contact us (see above).


TomTom GPS Models

IN STOCK: We no longer keep inventory of any TomTom GPS cradles. Please allow 7-10 days to ship orders for these mounting kits. Note: There are no cradles planned for the TomTom Via series.