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Master Dealer

Customers want to touch and feel before they buy. Get our top-quality Display and we guarantee you'll sell product!


Display Benefits:
  • Requires very little space (2' x 2')
  • Easy to set up
  • Shows exactly "what it is" and "where it goes"
  • Customers can touch and feel
  • Encourages customers to help themselves
  • No staff training required
  • Move or change display items any time you want
  • Bikers love USA made product
  • FREE postcards you stamp with your own contact info


See for yourself... Here riders interact with the Leader Master Dealer Display.

If you have slatboard or gridboard in your showroom, it's as easy as lift-and-slide. You will need to install the mount parts (estimated time 15 minutes - see video below!) and check on it now and then. We also provide - at NO CHARGE - printed postcards with a spot on the back for YOUR contact information!

  1. YOU pick which (5) products you want displayed (we are happy to make suggestions!)
  2. We send you the display plus all parts for $400 (note: GPS, phone, etc not included, although we do our best to find some for you) along with FREE product info cards you can stamp with your own contact information.
  3. You install the Display, take photos and email to zoom(at)leadermotorcycle.com. As soon as we have your photos, we REFUND YOU $350!
  4. Your total cost is $50 - easy to make up, often on your very first sale.
Why do we need payment first? It's simple, really. The Master Dealer Display costs us $400-$500 depending on which product you decide to feature. As a small business, we simply can't afford to have it sitting in your back room. This way we both win - and we both make money as soon as you start selling.

Satisfaction Guarantee: You may exchange ANY kits for others you think are more of interest to your clientele, or simply request a refund at any time.

Call or email Tracey!
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