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Motorcycle Phone Mounts

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How do you choose a mount that’s right for YOUR phone and YOUR motorcycle?

Video: “Which Phone is Right for You” (2.5-minute overview of our mounts)


Consider: How big is your phone?

This includes a case/cover if you intended to ride with it on. For our mounts, we’ve defined “Big” phones as those over 3 inches wide (when placed as you’d prefer it, which can be either vertical or horizontal), and “Standard” as up to 3.5 inches wide. (Yes, we realize there’s an overlap – if your phone falls here you’ll have more options!)

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Consider: How are you going to use your phone?

Do you prefer to mount your phone in the ‘typical’ vertical fashion? Or is it easier for you to view features (such as GPS) in a horizontal position? Will you need to be able to change it from vertical to horizontal depending on how you’re using it that day?

Do you want your phone hooked to power while you ride? Then you’ll want to check that the mount you buy allows you access to the power plug.

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Consider: Choosing the right ‘gripper’

The sheer volume of phones and phone sizes (not to mention cases and covers for them) means that what works for one will not necessarily work for another – and riders want different features in their phone mounts. That's why the Leader phone mount line features different "grippers," each of which excels at different things.


Consider: Where you want to mount

What works for one type of motorcycle may not be best for another – which is why we offer multiple mounting points: Handlebar, brake/clutch, mirror, windshield, etc).

You can even choose the “look” you want for the base mounting bracket (the part that connects to your motorcycle). We have two styles: eCaddy Brackets have been around since 2001 and are recognizable by a u-shaped slot on the base bracket. URBAN Brackets feature a slimmed-down, streamlined look and will fit in tighter spaces. More details here.


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