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TomTom Mounts

Mounting a TomTom GPS can be a little confusing, due to the fact that there are a number of model “series” of TomTom. We offer three styles of mounts:

The eCaddy Diamond Mount can be used with (many but not all) the TomTom GO, ONE and START models. It includes a form-fitted cradle that is specific to the model GPS you are mounting. The cradle is four-sided and includes cut-outs for power buttons, plug-ins, etc so it is extremely secure.

The Ultra-Swivel Gadget Mount utilizes what is known as the 4-hole “AMPS” pattern that is often (but not always) found on the TomTom Rider models. You may have this pattern on the TomTom itself or on a cradle/power pack that came with the it (and which your Rider snaps or slides into). If you have this option, this is a very secure way to mount.

Note: We do not have a mount for the Via series of GPS due to the ball-style design and curved back.

For all TomTom GPS models, you can also consider putting the GPS in one of our Waterproof Mounts.