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Anti-Glare Sun Screen/Sun Shade for GPS

Product Description


Anti-Glare Sun Screen/Sun Shade for GPS

  • Cures poor visibility caused by glare and bright sun.
  • Provides greater display visibility and brightness.
  • Stops GPS display from reflecting in your windshield at night.
  • Won't interfere with GPS reception
  • Our Glare Guards are Soft and Flexible - won't hurt you... won't hurt your gear.
How It Works

The GPS anti-glare sun screen attaches with a narrow 3/8" strip of 'peel & stick' Velcro specially formulated for warm conditions. It won't melt when exposed to hot sun, and can be easily removed when you're ready... leaving little or no residue.

The GPS Glare Shields can remain on your device. They fold right over the display screen to cushion your delicate touch-screen or color display with a soft layer of padded protection.

Fits GPS displays from 4.3 to 5 inches (or a little over 6 inch total width)

Will not blow off! We recommend your bike have a windscreen. Unprotected from direct wind blast the visor may 'flutter' causing a distraction to the rider.

$19.99 USD