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Caddy Buddy Waterproof Phone Holder (Assembly)

Product Description


The eCaddy Buddy waterproof phone/iPod mount is ideal if you’re looking for protection from rain/water but you want the mount to look sleek, slim and unobtrusive.
  • Clear front cover allows touch and slide operations Velcro flap keeps rain out
  • Wires can be run out the upper corner if desired
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally (or somewhere in between)
  • Ball design makes it easy to change angle (even ‘on the fly’

The Buddy fits phones up to 3-7/8 inch wide and 6-1/8 inch high. Depth capability depends in part on size of phone; best under ½ inch.

IMPORTANT: This the stem and case ONLY; it will work with any Leader LEGACY mounting bracket.

$54.99 USD