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Caddy Buddy Waterproof Phone Mount for Harley Brake/Clutch (Black)

Product Description


Caddy Buddy Waterproof Phone Mount for Harley-Davidson Brake/Clutch (Black)

The Caddy Buddy waterproof mount protects your phone or other device while also allowing you to touch/swipe through the clear cover. With the Buddy, you’ll never have to worry about your phone (or other device) getting wet!

  • Clear front cover allows touch and swipe operations
  • Heavy-duty Velcro flap keeps rain out
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally (or anywhere in between)
  • Ball design makes it easy to change angle (even ‘on the fly’)
  • Includes anti-vibration and Ultra-Security features

The Caddy Buddy fits phones up to 3-7/8 inch wide and 6-1/8 inch high. Depth capability depends in part on size of phone; best under 5/8 inch.

This kit includes everything you need (except an allen wrench). All components are stainless steel and aluminum. Buddy case is made of leather-touch vinyl.

    MOUNTS TO: Harley-Davidson brake and clutch controls (screw spacing 1.5"). Reversible design fits both left (clutch) and right (brake) side controls! Note: Some Sportster models have a different thread pattern on the switch housing (you may need to purchase bolts directly from a Harley dealer). See details & install video here.

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    $79.99 USD