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Desert Dawgs - Honda Shadow 1100 Cobra bar

Product Description


Desert Dawgs® Engine Guard Chaps for Honda Shadow 1100 Cobra Freeway Bar

Important! We do not make a Desert Dawgs® fitment specifically for the Shadow 1100 series motorcycles. However, if you are OK with a small amount of wrinkle, we've set this page up so you may purchase (these have all been "test ridden" by actual customers).

Notes: Because of the way the bar attaches to the motorcycle frame, the LEFT side will fit better than the RIGHT side. The fastening straps may need to be lengthened.

If you want the "tight-fit" quality that we are known for, then don't buy these! But if you want enough wind and rain off your legs and feet to at least be comfortable ... try it. They are returnable as long as they are resellable.

Desert Dawgs® rain guards/soft lowers/engine guard chaps/wind deflectors keep feet and legs warm and dry in rainy or cold weather - without the hassle of a bulky fairing.

Made of top-quality material by American craftsmen, Desert Dawgs® fit like a glove and install easily on motorcycle engine guard bar, highway bar or freeway bar (see installation video). They require NO special tools or maintenance, and can be rolled/folded and stored in a saddlebag when not in use.


  • minimize helmet buffeting and cold updrafts
  • repel road spray
  • keep bug juice off motorcycle chrome (and legs!)
  • allow engine cooling – NO temperature restriction!
  • easy on-and-off
  • does not affect bike handling
  • accommodates standard foot peg settings (6-inch opening)
  • Ultra-Pockets on both sides offer extra storage!

Why Buy the Dawgs? Let Tracey tell you why in this video.

This Item Fits: Honda Shadow 1100 Ace (1995-1999) Cobra bar #01-1130; Honda Sabre 1100 (2000-2007) Cobra bar #01-1135; and Honda Spirit 1100 (1997-2007) Cobra bar #01-1121. SEE DISCLAIMER IN DESCRIPTION.

OPTIONS: Choose from Original or Bling it Out with chrome studs. Studs are added in an arc along the edge of the Desert Dawg for that super-eye-catching look (extra charge applies).

$119.99 USD