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eCaddy Ball GPS Mount - Round Bar (Chrome)

Product Description


eCaddy® Ball Mount for GPS - Round Bar (Chrome)

The simple, classy way to mount GPS on a motorcycle!

The eCaddy® Ball GPS mount works with Garmin and Magellan GPS models, and any other GPS with the 17mm ball receiver hole (either as part of the GPS or as a plate/cradle that clips onto the back of the GPS as shown here*). Simply snap the cradle or GPS unit directly on to the ball and rotate/tilt just as you do in your car!

Height is approx 2-1/4 inch. Base bracket includes Ultra-Security and Get the Vibe Outfeatures so you'll never lose your GPS - and vibration will be minimized.

All parts are made to last of aluminum (chrome plated) and stainless steel - no plastic parts here!

* Note: the "plate" is usually a rigid plastic material (unlike our parts which are aluminum and stainless steel) that 'clips' to the GPS at top and bottom. We highly suggest you glue that plate to the back of your GPS, or consider the eCaddy Diamond Mount instead.


FITMENT: This kit mounts to any handlebar (or other round bar). Be sure to choose the correct diameter for your bar from the dropdown menu. Bracket includes in a ‘front’ and ‘back’ half so there’s no need to remove grips or cables.

$ 59.99