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eCaddy Slide Phone Mount (Vertical) - Goldwing Brake/Clutch, Black

Product Description


eCaddy® Slide 'Vertical' Phone Mount for Honda Goldwing Brake/Clutch (black)

The eCaddy Slide® was designed to accommodate all kinds of phones both with and without cases/covers on them. This item is the 'Vertical' size: min width 2-3/8" / max width 3-5/8" (also see 'Horizontal' size).

The eCaddy® Slide is adjustable in FOUR ways:
  1. The side arms are available in three 'depths' to accommodate different thicknesses of phone cases/covers: ½ inch, 5/8 inch and ¾ inch. Be sure to measure your item IN its case if that's how you intend to mount.
  2. The side arms "Slide" along the base bar (thus the product name) to wherever you need them (arm height = 3 inches)
  3. The faceted lug can be slid into the base bracket at any of six different angles
  4. The Ultra-Swivel gives you yet another option for left/right or up/down

What about power/plugging in my phone?

First, check to see if your phone screen re-orients when you turn it sideways 90 degrees (and even upside-down). Second, it’s very simple to drill a hole in the SLIDE arm to accommodate your power plug. Watch this video to see how easy it is!

You really can't find another phone mount with this much flexibility AND classic good looks!

Kit Includes:
  • Mounting bracket (aluminum, anodized black) with UltraSecure and Get the Vibe Out features
  • Slide Bar (stainless steel - rustproof)
  • Side arms (made of high-strength Delrin)
  • Ultra-Swivel for ultimate angle-ability (also stainless steel)

FITMENT: This kit mounts to all Honda Goldwing Gl1500 and GL1800 brake and clutch controls (screw spacing 1-1/4" to 1-3/8"). Reversible design fits both left (clutch) and right (brake) side controls!

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$104.99 USD