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eCaddy Slide Phone Mount (Vertical) - Handlebar, Chrome

Product Description


eCaddy® Slide 'Vertical' Phone Mount for Round Bar (chrome)

The eCaddy Slide® mount might just be the most secure mount for phones, GPS and other devices. Its flexible design accommodates a variety of devices (with and without case/cover) and make it safer and more convenient to use a phone or other device on a motorcycle. 

This item is the Medium/Vertical size which fits devices with Min width 2-3/8" / Max width 3-5/8" (also see Long/Horizontal size).

The Slide is adjustable in FOUR ways:

  1. Side arms are available in three 'depths': ½ inch, 5/8 inch and ¾ inch. (Be sure to measure your device IN its case if that's how you intend to mount.)
  2. Side arms "Slide" along the base bar then lock in place (arm height = 3")
  3. The faceted lug can be slid into the base bracket at any of six different angles
  4. Ultra-Swivel gives you more left/right or up/down options

Mounting bracket includes Ultra-Security and anti-vibration features. This kit includes everything you need (except an allen wrench). All components are stainless steel and aluminum (side arms are Delrin). Check out our handy tips on how to power your device in this mount.

    MOUNTS TO: Any handlebar (or other round bar) of 1" diameter. Bracket includes in a ‘front’ and ‘back’ half so there’s no need to remove grips or cables. See bracket install video here.

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    $114.99 USD