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eCaddy Ultra-Swivel Gadget Mount for Harley Brake/Clutch (Chrome)

Product Description


eCaddy® Ultra-Swivel Gadget Mount for Harley-Davidson Brake/Clutch (Chrome)

The eCaddy Ultra-Swivel Motorcycle Mount is the most secure and versatile way to mount many electronic devices (such as GPS or radio). It can be connected to both the "Diamond" shape and the 4-hole "AMPS" pattern on the back of your device.


The 'stretched-out' Diamond-shaped pattern is common to RAM brand components (usually found on cradles made to hold GPS, Apple and other devices). The diamond shape on the Ultra-Swivel plate is the perfect fit to the back of these cradles, giving the mount a clean, classic look that is unmatched.


The four-hole "AMPS" pattern (1.25" x 1.5") can be found on some GPS units and satellite radios. It might be built right into the device, or incorporated into a "cradle" that the device snaps into. To use the Ultra-Swivel with these devices, simply use two of the holes kitty-corner to each other. A level look can be obtained using the Ultra-Swivel.


The Ultra-Swivel gives you unlimited positioning ability and is so sleek and slim, you'll hardly know it's there. Note: Some devices may require different mounting screws than what is included in this kit. All components are aluminum and stainless steel.

MOUNTS TO: Harley-Davidson brake and clutch controls (screw spacing 1.5"). Reversible design fits both left (clutch) and right (brake) side controls! Note: Some Sportster models have a different thread pattern on the switch housing (you may need to purchase bolts directly from a Harley dealer). Click here for details & installation video.

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$79.99 USD