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eCaddy 'Naked' iPhone Mount for Harley (Chrome)

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eCaddy® Diamond 'Naked' iPhone Mount for Harley-Davidson Brake/Clutch (chrome)

The eCaddy Diamond mount is the safest and most secure mount you can buy for Apple iPhones. That’s because each mounting kit includes a form-fitted cradle specific to the iPhone model.

  • Mount iPhone vertically OR horizontally
  • Ultra-Swivel provides ultimate angle-ability
  • Built-in anti-vibration and Ultra-Security features
  • Stainless steel and aluminum components won’t rust or wear (and look great)

NOTE: This mount requires a ‘naked’ iPhone; if you have a case/cover you want to keep on while riding, see other motorcycle phone mounts.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to add your iPhone cradle (if needed) here.

MOUNTS TO: Harley-Davidson brake and clutch controls (screw spacing 1.5"). Reversible design fits both left (clutch) and right (brake) side controls! Note: Some Sportster models have a different thread pattern on the switch housing (you may need to purchase bolts directly from a Harley dealer). See details & install video here.

(Note: You may also be interested in the Extension Kit if you need to get your device over or up higher.)

$84.99 USD

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