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X-Grip Adaptor Mount for Handlebar (Chrome)

Product Description


X-Grip Adaptor Mount for Round Bar (Chrome)

The X-Grip Adaptor Mount’s flexible design accommodates a variety of phones and other devices, and makes it safer and more convenient to use them while riding a motorcycle.


  • Four-leg design with rubber-coated tips provides great holding power
  • Open sides provide easy access to plug-ins
  • Spring-loaded holder expands and contracts to fit all kinds of devices
  • Ultra-Swivel for unlimited tilt/angle (mount vertically or horizontally)

Available in two sizes (be sure to include the case/cover when determining overall size):

  • Medium: Maximum width = 3.5” (min 1.875”) / Depth = .875”
    (does not include tether but can be purchased separately)
  • Large: Maximum width = 4.5" (min 1.75") / Depth = .875”
    (includes X-Grip Large tether)

This Mount includes everything you need (except an allen wrench). All components are stainless steel and aluminum so they won’t wear or rust. Note: The X-Grip works best if the device has a flat back side (rather than curved or rounded).

    MOUNTS TO: Any handlebar (or other round bar) of 1" diameter size. Bracket includes in a ‘front’ and ‘back’ half so there’s no need to remove grips or cables. See details & install video here.

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    $114.99 USD