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"Shortie" GoPro Camera Mount - Goldwing Brake/Clutch (Chrome)

Product Description


The Motorcycle GoPro Camera Mount was designed to minimize vibration, give you a multitude of angles to shoot from, and provide a classy look that is unmatched by other motorcycle camera mounts.

  • Base bracket with Ultra-Security and Get the Vibe Out features, so you'll never lose your camera - AND vibration will be minimized.
  • Mounting rod so slim you'll hardly notice it's there
  • Ultra-Swivel AND 360-degree rotational swivels give you a wide range of positioning and angle-ability
  • Includes the GoPro adaptor for tripod capability
  • Easy to install and remove (no special tools necessary)
  • All parts are stainless steel and aluminum/chrome plated

This mount is 1.4 inches with one Ultra-Swivel (at base) and one 360-degree rotational swivel (at top).

FITMENT: This kit mounts to all Honda Goldwing GL1500 and GL1800 brake and clutch controls (screw spacing 1-1/4" to 1-3/8"). Reversible design fits both left (clutch) and right (brake) side controls!

Live Action Video Footage!

$79.99 USD