URBAN Mounting Bracket, Universal Brake/Clutch (Chrome) – Leader Motorcycle Accessories

URBAN Mounting Bracket, Universal Brake/Clutch (Chrome)

Product Description


Leader Motorcycle Accessories URBAN-style mounting bracket (chrome) for use with Leader Motorcycle parts.

Mounts to brake assembly, clutch assembly, reservoir - basically anywhere you have two bolts (minimum screw spacing 25 mm/1 inch; maximum screw spacing 40 mm/1.5 inch). Hardware included: (2) 22.5mm spacers and (3) pair of screws in the most common sizes: M6 x 50mm; M6 x 60mm; and 1/4-20 x 2.25". Please note: you may need to get your own screws if your motorcycle does not accept these common threads/sizes.

IMPORTANT: You can add the Ultra-Swivel "female" connector here (which will connect to many of our assemblies) as shown in photo #2, or the Ball connector as shown in photo #3.

$24.99 USD