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Urban Ultra-Swivel Gadget Mount for Round Bar (Black)

Product Description


Ultra-Swivel Gadget Mount for Round Bar (Black)

The eCaddy® Ultra-Swivel Motorcycle Mount is the most secure and versatile way to mount many electronic devices. It can be connected to both the "Diamond" shape and the 4-hole "AMPS" pattern on the back of your GPS, radio or other device.


The 'stretched-out' Diamond-shaped pattern is common to RAM brand components (usually found on the back of cradles made to hold GPS, Apple and other devices). The 2-hole diamond shape on the Ultra-Swivel is the perfect fit to the back of these cradles, giving the mount a clean, classic look that is unmatched.


The four-hole "AMPS" pattern (1.25" x 1.5") is common on many GPS units and satellite radios. It might be built right into the device, or incorporated into a "cradle" that the GPS or radio snaps into. To use the Ultra-Swivel with these devices, simply use two of the holes kitty-corner to each other. A level look can be obtained using the Ultra-Swivel feature.


The Ultra-Swivel gives you unlimited positioning ability in not one but three ways. So you'll never have trouble seeing your device! And the Ultra-Swivel is so sleek and slim, you'll hardly know it's there.

Note: Some devices may require different mounting screws than what is included in this kit. All parts are MADE IN THE USA.

Kit includes:
  • Slim bracket fits even tight spots (black)
  • Ultra-Swivel (stainless steel)
  • Diamond holding plate (black)

FITMENT: This kit mounts on a round bar: motorcycle handlebars, engine guard bars, etc. of 1 inch (25.4mm) to 1.25 inch (31.75mm) diameter.

$ 74.99