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Customer Comments & Reviews

If you call this wonderful family run company, you will get Tracey on the phone even if she is out of the office and she will make you feel like she has nothing better to do than talk to you. - David

There is nothing better than dealing with a company that "their word is their bond ". It has been more than a pleasure making a purchase with Leader Motorcycles. A "BIG" thank you to you and your staff. - Arthur

I was searching for a GPS mount and there was so many confusing and cheap crap looking stuff out there. Sure it was cheap but you only get what you pay for, and when I watched some of your Utube videos I was sold on your system. I also watched the video you posted explaining how you even say your not cheap but make quality and support locals and pay them fairly for their work. I can’t agree more and judging by what I’ve seen of your gear plus your philosophy I would pay more than I did if required. - Bob

Let me just say that it was truly a pleasure dealing with you. As I tell my college students, it really is the little things that mean alot, and your professional and personal approach to your business makes the difference. Thanks again. - Kevin R.

Just received my order from you. All I can say is WOW!  These things are Awesome. I have to tell you when I watched your You Tube video I was skeptical.  I am a Harley rider and have been since 1969. I also joined HOG when it first started. The reason I say This is I usually DO NOT put anything on my bike but Harley. I am agreeing with you that a lot of Harley Merchandise is way overpriced and not made HERE. Being from the North I ride even in Winter. I can't wait to go to next HOG Chapter meeting and show these things off. I have One complaint. Since you do such excellent work make up an emblem of some kind and stitch it outside on on the front so people can see it and be Proud of your Workmanship. I know I am and I will tell everyone I know how to get these. Thanks again and Keep up the Great work. My wife says YOU GO GIRL! ~ Barry

Thanks for being aware of the order that came through after I spoke with you on the phone and realizing we were talking about the wrong mount. Also for getting the item out so quick. 6:00 am here and just tracked it and it is out for delivery. AWESOME!!! You can look forward to me spending my money with you in the future. I will also pass on to fellow riders your business. Again, thanks for being a quality AMERICAN business. - Kevin P.

It seems in today's world of business it is getting harder to find quality products and outstanding customer service. You and Leader clearly demonstrate both. Keep up the great work. - Wayne

I look forward to doing business with you again. Great company, fast response, and made in the USA, wish more companies were like yours ;) - Bill

Thanks for putting customer service before profit. I won't forget it. - Richard

Several employees [at my local dealership] had installed GPS’s on their own motorcycles, and they said that Leader was the place to go for top quality mounting systems. Thank you so much for your generosity. I can see why they recommended doing business with you. - Kevin


From our Facebook Fans...

I want to thank you for helping me with my purchase of the eCaddy GPS Mount for my 2013 Can am Spyder. It was worth the purchase and it was easy to install – Caryl P.

I've had my mounts for my Garmin for about 2 months and they work Great! The Harley windshield ball mount is secure (no I didn't glue it down as you suggested) and the screen shade is perfect. All my buddies want one. The best part is the 3BR powersports USB power adapter! Only thing I may get is a handle bar xram mount so I can ride without the windshield in the summer! Keep up the good work. - Chris S.

Just a short note to say the package arrived in Canada. I did not realize you were the "BIG BOSS" sending email back to customers.Great Customer Relations! Being in the service industry, I take notice on stuff like that, and really was a pleasant suprise. - Steve

Just writing to say thanks my drink holder was there waiting for me at our first hotel on our recent trip to Virginia. Used it to refresh all day at the POW MIA Veterans Memorial Run in Washington, what a meet. Thanks for a great product and fantastic service. Cheers again, Ray from the UK

Thanks for the prompt handling of my GPS kit for the 1500 Gold Wing. I realize it was an extra burden amongst everything going on in your life. Received it Friday morning and had it installed, and riding Friday afternoon. Works very well. Also appreciate you robbing peter to get me going. Take care all. - Wayne Humphrey

I just LOVE your site. I can find all kinds of stuff to retro fit my 900 Kawasaki Vulcan. I just put speakers and a amp on and found your bracket so I can head out and hear my Tunes using my IPod Nano. I am recommending you to all my friends for any parts they need for their rides. Keep up the good work and it was nice to talk to someone who understands a woman's point of view. Thanks again I will be back for more shopping as the weather and months get closer to spring. - Della

Innovative products, promising quality as pictured and described, family business, made in USA and overall great Internet site. Excellent videos with clear and detailed explanations. These factors, after looking at many other similar products, convinced me to purchase these products. - B.Duval

The screws came today and my coffee cup is installed. Very nice unit and top notch support! I appreciate it very much, especially since it was my goof up. You are super people and I've bookmarked your site for future needs! - Dennis

Many many thanks for your quick response to my request. I'm taking a short trip and the bracket for the GPS will be very helpful. When I need these types of products, there will be no need for me to search the net again. Your company gets the nod! - Jack R.

Thanks for getting me the correct part so quickly. I am so pleased with the quality of your products. The fit and finish is outstanding. Your customer service is the best! - Michael R.

I received my new cup today, and just want to say thank you. In this day and age you just don't see customer service like that anymore, and thats a shame. So thanks again and have a wonderful summer. - Don G.

I just wanted to thank you for the great service you provided. The Desert Dawgs arrived one day after you shipped. I put them on last night, rode in this am, very pleased. I will test them [Desert Dawgs] on my trip and probably purchase a set for my other bike. -Clyde

The chaps just arrived and I have already installed them. Less that 10 minutes total, very easy to do. I cannot wait to go out for a ride and give them a try. I am glad to see a lady rider running the business. My wife also rides, this is her 4th season now and she has learned to love and respect motorcycling. Thank you and your associates for the quick delivery on my order. - Bill & Janet

Thanks so much for the nice call. What a pleasure to have a business just be responsible and not try to pass the blame for a product problem. I truly look forward to doing business in the future. - Brad

I just received my cup top today! Thank you very much for the GREAT customer service & courtesy! You have gained a life long customer. - Jerry

When I related my experience with your company with some of my friends, they remark at how rare your type of customer service is. I am very glad that I made the purchase I did and will let many people know it. - Jennifer

Thanks a've been a treat to deal with! - Chuck

I really appreciate your company and how they do business. I will pass the word and will check with you first whenever shopping for a product for my bike. - Bob P.

Thanks for responding to my email so quickly. I want to also let you know I will be telling everyone to use Leader Motorcycle for all of their motorcycle accessories. You have been such a great help to me. Thank you again. - Amanda

Thank you. There are very few companies that do the right thing today. I will tell everybody about how good your company is and let them know about this. - Dean

It is nice to find a company with a "personal" touch. I will reccommend you to everyone who asks about the "cool" mounts on my Road King. - Ray

This email is to thank you! I have received my order and the products are amazing!! Thank you we have some more business in future! Best regards from Brazil. - Othon

There was absolutely NO problem with this product. I've spent the past 20+ years as a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Instructor and people regularly ask for personal advise as to which aftermarket goodies are worth buying. I'm sure there will be many inquiries when I begin taking some video and other riders see YOUR setup! - Kevin

If I had to describe your product in a word, it would be extraordinary! The material and workmanship was outstanding! - Kevin

I received the product and to my surprise everything went right on. Needless to say but I'll say it anyway I was very impressed by the workmanship and quality and the speed that I received my order. - Marcelo

Received my eCaddy "Chubby" yesterday, and all I can say is "wow"!... very cool product, and I can't wait for spring to seehow much nicer this mount will be for my Delphi MyFi. Great service, and very nice product! - Steve

As a machinist I would like to tell you I am impressed at your quality manufacturing on your parts. I am impressed. The cost was reasonable for the material and the time to design. Great products! - Jeff

I've been through SIX holders on my bike and yours is the absolute best-engineered I've seen - simple and bullet-proof." - Tom

You are the only company I could find that had product I liked - nice products! -Carney

Thank you for your trouble and thank you for your wonderful product! What a great looking addition to my ride! I don't usually use this many exclamation points, but your products deserve the greatest attention I can bring to them! Keep up the good work! - Craig

I purchased your original cup holder and have used it daily for at least six months and it has more than lived up to its claims and your guarantee. As you can see with my purchase I really believe in your product. I travel cross-country and "safety, quality of construction, then convenience" is how I measure my purchase. My only request is - please don't stop making such a good quality product, and keeping it "Proudly made in America"! - Michael

I looked high and low to try and find something durable enough to handle my everyday wheelchair abuse. One of my friends said "I think you may be looking in the wrong place. Try looking at motorcycle accessories." So I did. After an afternoon of internet searching I came across "The Roadrunner" and it has served me very well. I had gone through maybe 5 of the plastic cup holders that would not hold up. Your product has and from the looks of it will continue to. Thank you guys so much for an extremely durable product! - Eddie

Thanks for your reply and support of this issue. I was not sure if these were worth the cost, but agree they are. Several people in our riding group have expressed an interest. Refreshing to get such great support. - Wayne

I received and installed my clock today on my new 2005 Heritage Classic. I consider this add-on to my bike as one of the best yet. The clock is a real gem. - George

First, let me thank you for a great product. And if that's not enough, I had the pleasure of a return phone call about a question that I had about the RoadRunner cup holder that I purchased from another company. Not only a great product but great customer service. - Tom J.

The UltraTilt works great. I am VERY satisfied with it and the mount after having used them on a 600-mile ride this weekend. Very high quality in both pieces and I recommended them to fellow riders! Thank you for the great service and for providing items that are actually "Made in the USA." I really appreciate all you have done, thanks again. - Dave