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Desert Dawgs Rain Guards


Staying warm and dry while riding your motorcycle in cold and wet weather means you will be comfortable, ride longer and enjoy motorcycle riding more!

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Why Buy the Desert Dawgs? Let Tracey tell you why!

Cut Down on Annoying Updrafts and Helmet Buffeting

Desert Dawgs soft lower motorcycle chaps (aka rain guards) eliminate road spray and keep you warmer without a bulky motorcycle fairing! Excellent fit; installs easily on motorcycle engine guard bar, highway bar or freeway bar.

  • Install in minutes
  • Protect your legs and feet from rain and cold
  • Protects your chrome from dirt, salt and bugs
  • Made of the highest quality materials and crafted in the USA
  • No temperature restriction - you won't overheat!
  • Won't rust or corrode
  • Ride longer - enjoy it more!

From a convenience standpoint alone, the Desert Dawgs win hands-down. Factor in a reasonable price and weigh that against the additional hours of enjoyment you'll get while riding with the Desert Dawgs, and it's a no-brainer!

Quality American manufacturing ... check out the difference!

Photo #1 shows why there is no temperature restriction on the Desert Dawgs. While most of the air flows out and around the Desert Dawgs, our patented design allows enough air flow into the engine so you'll never have to worry about overheating.

Photo #2 shows the Desert Dawgs on the right. A good sewing job means the Desert Dawgs will never come unravelled. The quality of the Desert Dawgs' leather-like material is superior to the thinner vinyl material on the left.

Photo #3 shows the competitive product on the left (the white inner lining is a scratchy material), versus the soft lining (really a second layer) inside the Desert Dawgs (it will never scratch your chrome!). It also shows how seamlessly the Desert Dawgs connect - three well-placed snaps (versus a long line of velcro) ensure a tight fit every time.