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Indian Desert Dawgs Now in Vintage Tan


A bike as classy and iconic as the Indian Motorcycle deserves accessories that look as good as the bike does. Fortunately, the Desert Dawgs Rain Guards/Wind Deflectors fit that bill!

Due to popular demand, we are now manufacturing the Desert Dawgs in “Indian Tan” to match the seats and saddlebags on the ‘vintage’ Indian models.

Desert Dawgs keep feet and legs warm and dry in rainy or cold weather – without the hassle of a bulky fairing. Made of top-quality material by American craftsmen, Desert Dawgs are easy-on, easy-off. They require NO special tools or maintenance, and can be rolled/folded and stored in a saddlebag when not in use. Every pair of Desert Dawgs includes Ultra-Pockets on both sides for extra space (garage door opener, sunglasses, camera case, etc.)!


  • minimize cold updrafts
  • repel road spray from front wheel and flared front fender
  • keep bug juice off motorcycle chrome (and legs!)
  • allow engine cooling - NO temperature restriction!
  • does not affect bike handling
  • accommodates all standard foot peg settings (6-inch opening)

Desert Dawgs for the Indian can be  purchased here. See all Desert Dawgs fitments  here.

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  • Tracey Cramer