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eCaddy vs. Urban Mounts

It might help to think of our mounts as a “system.” Like Legos, the components we manufacture can be assembled in multiple ways for different purposes (mounting a phone, GPS, camera, etc). This means that when you change devices (or motorcycles!), you can save money because you don’t have to start from scratch.

Our mounts fall into two “styles”: eCaddy® and URBAN. Both lines are manufactured here in the USA, of aluminum and stainless steel (no rust, no wear, no fail!).



The eCaddy® mounts have been around since 2001 and enjoy a stellar reputation for quality. They are recognizable by a u-shaped slot on the base bracket. This slot ‘receives’ a faceted lug that then locks into place with the Ultra-Security screw (on the right of this photo). The eCaddy® mounts also have a built-in anti-vibration feature.




The URBAN line features a slimmed-down, streamlined look that many of today’s riders are looking for. They are more “universal” (for example, the brake/clutch mount fits ANY bike with 1 to 1.5 inch spacing) and will fit in tighter spaces. The URBAN mounts are of interest to sport, dual-sport/adventure, adventure/touring and cruiser riders. These mounts are built on the idea that ‘less is more’ – because sometimes, it truly is.