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Components & Hardware

Please note: This section is best for those already familiar with our mounts; if you’re not, we recommend you start with the main navigation menus above.

Because we are the designer & manufacturer of the eCaddy & Urban brand device mounts, you can get just one part or component if you need it, which can save you money. However, we have a lot of components! So, to make your experience better, we’ve broken it into the following sections (click to visit):

  • Convenience Items – USB Power/Battery Harness, Travel Mug/Bottle Insert, & Anti-Glare 
  • Mounting Brackets – base brackets (the parts that connect to the motorcycle) 
  • Device Grippers – cradles, holders, plates, grips, etc – components that actually hold the device you are mounting 
  • Stems, Extenders & Swivels 
  • Bolts, Screws, Spacers (and grip tips) 
  • Legacy-Style Assemblies – If you already have one of our Legacy-style base brackets (those with the U-shaped slot in them) but you’re changing devices, this area is for your convenience; the items here include “everything except the base bracket.”