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Motorcycle GPS Mounts

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Mounting a GPS can be a little confusing, due to the fact that there are so many different GPS units out there now, all a different shape/size, and often with different attachment methods.

Garmin GPS Mounts

The Ball Mount is the simplest way to mount a Garmin Zumo or Nuvi GPS on a motorcycle. All you need is your GPS to have the ball receiver hole (Garmin's "stock size" is 17mm) which is usually part of a 'cradle' that comes in your GPS box). Thanks to this ball design, the angle of this mount can be adjusted “on the fly” with no tools required. See all GPS Ball Mounts.

The Diamond Mount (for Garmin Nuvi models) includes a form-fitted cradle that is specific to the Nuvi model you are mounting. The cradle is four-sided and includes cut-outs for power buttons, plug-ins, etc so it is extremely secure. See all Diamond Mounts.

    The video below provides a visual of the differences between these two mounts.



    TomTom GPS Mounts

    If you have a TomTom "One," TomTom "Start," or TomTom "GO" series GPS unit, you're in luck - you can use our favorite: the Diamond Mount, which includes a form-fitted cradle to keep the GPS secure. See all Diamond Mounts.

    TomTom Via GPS: Unfortunately the design of these units (especially the rounded backside) makes them difficult to mount on a motorcycle; however, you can evaluate the X-Grip and SLIDE Mounts as possibilities.

    For options for other TomTom models, see below.


      More GPS Mounting Options

      Here are several options to mount GPS on a motorcycle:

      • Ball Mount: Some GPS (like Magellan) utilize a ball receiver hole (as described above). If that ball receiver hole is 17mm, you can use the Ball Mount.
      • The Ultra-Swivel Gadget Mount works with the 4-hole “AMPS” pattern AND the 2-hole Diamond pattern that are sometimes found on the back of GPS units (or sometimes as an aftermarket “cradle”). If you have this option, this is a very secure way to mount.
      • X-Grip Adaptor Mount: available in two sizes, the X-Grip can be used for GPS of a certain size and depth (be sure to read the X-Grip description fully). This mount is also ideal if you have a built-in camera on the GPS, as the back area remains open.
      • SLIDE Mount (Horizontal): If your GPS is flat, this is a great option. Fits up to 7-3/8 inch wide. It is also open on the back so works well if you have a built-in camera in your GPS.


      Waterproof GPS Mounts

      If you're looking to waterproof any model GPS, most models can be mounted with the Hydra.





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