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Got a New iPhone 6 or 6 Plus? Get it Mounted!

The eCaddy Diamond mount for iPhone is the most secure and cleanest-looking mount for your iPhone.

Secure: because it is held in a cradle that is specifically shaped and sized to your model iPhone (4, 5 and 6 series), there is no way the phone can fall out.

Clean/Classy look: The iPhone is connected to a base mounting bracket by the Ultra-Swivel. Less than 2 inches long and only 5/8" in diameter, it's the most unobtrusive mount on the market. And the Ultra-Swivel gives you nearly unlimited angle-ability.

Add in the anti-vibration and UltraSecurity features on all our base brackets, and you have one seriously secure iPhone mount.

Now available for the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus!  Details here.

  • Tracey Cramer

GoPro Motorcycle Camera Mounts Now Shipping

The GoPro camera is arguably the most flexible camera for active applications (like motorcycling). Now it’s time for a motorcycle MOUNT as flexible as the camera – and a classy look that is unmatched by other mounts!

  • Tons o’ Angle Options: We've designed the GoPro mount with up to FIVE swivel and pivot points. You can literally mount this anywhere and get the angle you want!
  • Three Height Options: While we’re being uber-flexible with the angles, how about more height options? Choose from a “shortie” (for those who want to keep the camera close to the mounting location), a “medium” of 5 inch and a “tall” of 8 inches.
  • Vibration Sucks: That’s why we've done everything we can (short of repaving the entire world) to minimize vibration in the GoPro mount (including building the UltraSecurity and Get the Vibe Out™ features into every mount).
  • Classic Look & Manufacture: The stainless steel mounting rod is not only rust-proof; it’s so slim you'll hardly notice it's there! And as always, our parts are machined right here in the USA.
  • Mount Everywhere: With a wide variety of mounting locations (handlebar, brake/clutch, mirror stem, windshield as well as specialty applications like Can-Am and BMW) this is the only GoPro mount you’ll need!

Check out full descriptions and features here!

  • Tracey Cramer

Riding in the Rain or Cold: Desert Dawgs for Yamaha RoadStar Now Available!

Just in time for the cooler weather – or the unpredicted rain shower! The Desert Dawgs Rain Guards and Wind Deflectors are now available for the Yamaha Roadstar!

Desert Dawgs keep feet and legs warm and dry in rainy or cold weather – without the hassle of a bulky fairing. Made of top-quality material by American craftsmen, Desert Dawgs are easy-on, easy-off. They require NO special tools or maintenance, and can be rolled/folded and stored in a saddlebag when not in use.

Jazz them up with chrome studs or go classic with the original style. And the Ultra Pockets... well, you never knew you needed more storage space!

Read more about the Desert Dawgs for the Roadstar  here - or check out over 40 more fitments for Harley, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Indian and Victory motorcycles  here.

  • Tracey Cramer

More Height Options with Swivel-CAM Motorcycle Camera Mount

We've learned a few things about shooting video while riding a motorcycle. First and foremost: vibration sucks!

That's why we've done everything we can (short of repaving the entire world) to minimize vibration in our motorcycle camera mounts.

We've also heard from our customers. You say you  love the multiple swivel and pivot points on our motorcycle camera mounts. But you want more height options.

We're happy to report that the (slightly) redesigned motorcycle camera mount (now dubbed SWIVEL-CAM to keep confusion to a minimum) is available in not one or two, but three heights!

We've included the multiple swivel and pivot points in both our "medium" and "tall" motorcycle camera mounts (previously only available on the "tall") and added a "Shortie" option for those who want to keep the camera close to the mounting location.

And (if we do say so ourselves), the Swivel-CAM hasa  classy look that is (frankly) unmatched by other motorcycle camera mounts!

With wide variety of mounting locations (bar, reservoir, Can-Am, Goldwing, etc) this is the only camera mount you need! Check out full descriptions and features here.

  • Tracey Cramer