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Navigation: Phone or GPS?

You might be thinking you’ll just use your smart phone app for navigation. But a decent GPS can be purchased for under $100 these days, and it could be worth that hundred bucks and more. Here’s why.
  • If you ride back roads, out-of-the way places or in mountainous areas (and isn’t that the point of a motorcycle?), your phone may not always have coverage. If you’re not 100 percent sure your smart phone will have coverage everywhere you ride, you may want to consider a GPS unit.
  • It takes a lot of extra power for your phone to run a GPS app. Do you have a way to keep your phone charged while riding? If not, your phone’s battery could go kaput in a most inconvenient place.
  • Maybe I’m superstitious but I don’t like having all my eggs in one basket. If something goes wrong with my phone (or worse, it gets lost or broken), I still want to be able to find my way home.
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  • Tracey Cramer