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New Windshield Mounts Put your Device Right in Front of You

The new URBAN Motorcycle Windshield Stem Mounts make it easier to see your phone, GPS or other device by positioning it right in front of you.

And now it can be done safety and attractively.

The URBAN Stem Mounts attach to any bolt, typically on the brace that runs across the windshield. Simply remove the stock bolt and replace it with the Stem Mount. Every kit includes an extra stainless-steel ¼-20 threaded screw should you need it.

The Stem Mount then connects to a device holder via our patent-pending Ultra-Swivel design. For example:
  • SLIDE phone holder
  • X-Grip Adaptor phone holder
  • Form-fitted ‘cradle’ style holders for iPhone, Garmin and TomTom
  • Camera rods of various heights
  • Roadrunner PLUS drink holder
  • Satellite radio & other gadget mounting plates
All parts are stainless steel and aluminum, so they won’t rust or wear. And the URBAN Motorcycle Windshield Stem Mount is so slim, you just might forget it’s there. The cost is comparable to other mounts, but we guarantee the quality is well above!

To see all the Windshield-mount options, click here.






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  • Tracey Cramer