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Mount your iPhone Higher (or To the Side) with Extension Options


Have you ever wanted to mount your iPhone higher so you could see it better? Or maybe you’re limited on where you can mount, and wish you could angle it toward the center of the bike.

The URBAN Diamond iPhone Mount w/Extension could be right for you! It is an extremely secure and versatile way to mount an iPhone on a motorcycle! Features include:

  • A form-fitted cradle specifically designed for the iPhone model. The cradle is four-sided, so the iPhone will never fall out (it even has cut-outs for buttons and plug-ins).
  • TWO Ultra-Swivels and TWO 360-degree pivot points so you can get the iPhone exactly where you want it – either vertical and horizontal!
  • Extension Rod so slim and unobtrusive, you’ll hardly know it’s there.
  • All aluminum and Stainless steel parts – so it will never rust or wear!
Height Options:

The “Medium” provides up to 4.75” in height.
The “Tall” provides up to 8” in height.

Mounting Location Options:

The URBAN Mount Options include: handlebar; brake/clutch/controls; and mirror stem. Most options available in both chrome and black finish. Click here to see all options.

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  • Tracey Cramer