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Drink Holder Now Has Ultra-Swivel!


We get our best ideas from customers.

The improvement of the Roadrunner Drink Holder (now dubbed the  Roadrunner PLUS) is one of those.

Customers wanted a way to angle the holding ring. We had a fantastic swivel mechanism – the Ultra-Swivel – already in the wings. It was natural to marry them up.

Why is this so cool?

Our mounting clamps are so flexible that they can be attached at an angle, backwards or even upside-down. With the Ultra-Swivel, no matter where or how the base clamp is attached to the motorcycle, the travel mug – or Ultra-Snap insert for bottles/cans – can sit level.

The Roadrunner Plus Drink Holder with Travel Mug has an old-world, classic look with the functionality to keep coffee hot or water cold! Travel mug is double-walled 16 ounce stainless steel with easy-open lid.

The Roadrunner Plus Drink Holder with Ultra-Snap has a minimalist, sleek look with the functionality to hold water bottles, cans, coffee cups, etc! The Ultra-Snap insert has an elastic gripping band to hold the bottle or can tightly.

All parts (except travel mug) are MADE IN THE USA.

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  • Tracey Cramer