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Phone Mounts: Recommendations for YOUR Phone


What’s the best motorcycle mount for YOUR specific phone? Well, that depends on a few factors - and your personal taste. Here are some ‘quick and dirty’ guidelines and tools to help you decide.

First consideration: Size of Phone

In case you haven’t noticed, phones have gotten bigger. If you’re using one of the “monster-size” phones, there are two mounts you should look at:

a) the SLIDE motorcycle phone mounts and

b) the X-Grip motorcycle phone mounts

The SLIDE and the X-Grip Adaptor mounts are very different (stylistically speaking), so they appeal to people for different reasons.

The X-Grip Adaptor has open sides so you can access buttons/plug-ins (if you need to run power while riding, for example).

On the other hand, if you’re not crazy about all that “open” space, the SLIDE mount has a support bar underneath your phone. (Both mounts offer ‘vertical’ and ‘horizontal’ mount options.)

"Regular" Sized Phones

If you have a ‘smaller’ phone (think iPhone 5 and similar), the Standard Phone Mount is a simple but effective mount that has a long track record of happy customers.

“Regular” sized phones will also work in the SLIDE (thanks to its adjustable side arms), as well as the X-Grip Adaptor IF it has a case/cover on it - just be sure to check the dimensions of your phone against our listed ones.

Try this: view our Phone Mount Size Chart (shows min & max sizes all our mounts can accommodate)

Second consideration: Case/Cover

It can be a pain to remove your phone from its case/cover every time you want to ride, so most of our mounts accommodate a case/cover.

But give the case/cover a close look. If it’s hard-sided and slippery, you’d do best to gravitate toward the X-Grip Adaptor Phone Mount or the SLIDE Phone Mount (or get a different case, because I’ll bet you’ve dropped it once or twice as well LOL).

Cases/covers that are more rubbery can also be mounted with the Standard Phone Mount.

“Naked” Phone Mount

We have ONE mount that fits a “naked” phone, and it’s specific to the iPhone. The Diamond Phone Mount is our all-time favorite because it is the cleanest, most streamlined look.

I should point out here that iPhones can be mounted using ANY our mounts (depending on size constraints).

Third consideration: Waterproof?

If you want waterproofing, we have two styles of mounts:

The Caddy Buddy is an essentially flat case that you can operate your phone screen through.

The Hydra phone mount offers different size waterproof cases that zipper up. Again, this comes down to personal preference.

Try this: Watch the Video!

To help you decide which works best for your phone and case, check out the video below, which shows you the pros and cons of different "grippers" and what type/model phone each is most ideal for. All in about 2.5 minutes!

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  • Tracey Cramer