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Shooting Video While Riding a Motorcycle

Many riders have discovered the possibility of re-living their grand "adventure vacations" through video. The problem is, after a minute or two, an unchanging view from the saddle becomes… well… boring. If you want to make your video as exciting as your motorcycle ride, here are some things to consider. Your answers to these questions can also help you decide what equipment to get.

What and Where

What – specifically - do you want to video? Will it be mostly scenery alongside the road? I’ve pointed my camera to the roadside to catch onlookers during the Patriot Ride and action along Main Street in Sturgis.

Maybe you want to video your buddies either ahead of you (I’ve got some cool footage of a long snake of bikes through a big curve) or behind you.

The answers to these questions lead us to the next set of questions: what angle do you intend to shoot from?

  • Mainly straight ahead?
  • Off to the side or beside you?
  • Behind you?

Windshield: Through it or Around It?

There are pros and cons to both. Shooting through a windshield cuts down on wind noise immensely (a video is barely tolerable with that kind of wind noise). If you’re going to edit your video you can drop out wind noise. A disadvantage of shooting through the windshield is that you may get reflection from the sun on the curve of the shield.

If you want to shoot around bikes with fairings or large windshields, you’ll need to look for a longer-reaching mount or one that attaches away from the center of the motorcycle (such as the Swivel-CAM).

Watch for a future post on the different styles of motorcycle camera mounts!

  • Tracey Cramer

Free Cradle with Purchase of Diamond Mount for GPS

Our favorite mount for Garmin Nuvi GPS (as well as many of the TomTom GPS models) - the Diamond Mount - is now more affordable than ever!

Why do we like this mount so much? Because the Diamond Mount includes a form-fitted cradle that is specific to the Nuvi (or TomTom) GPS model. The cradle is four-sided and includes cut-outs for power buttons, plug-ins, etc.

And that makes the mount extremely safe and secure! (how secure? see the video here!)

There's even better news...

We've recently dropped the price of the Diamond Mount by $10 on most models (some more). And now you can ALSO get the cradle for FREE! That's a $25 value!

Simply be sure to add the cradle to your cart, then use this code at checkout: FREECRADLE

(Applies to both Garmin and TomTom Diamond Mounts. Good for up to $15 value. $49 minimum order. Offer expires soon!)

  • Tracey Cramer

Test Riding the Can-Am Spyder

Our customers are always telling me how much they like the Can-Am Spyder. So when I stopped into a large multi-line dealer recently, I decided to take a test ride on one (wish I’d gotten a selfie!).

The salesperson emphasized that riding the Spyder is NOT like riding a motorcycle (which, thanks to our customers, I already knew).

But I still thought: how different can it be? After all, just like any other motorcycle, there are quite a few ways you can be injured or killed than if you’re in a car LOL!

But… It isn’t like riding a motorcycle. At all.

With over 30 years riding on two wheels, I immediately felt what I can only describe as a “lack of oneness” with the Spyder.

A motorcycle moves with you, and you with it; you lean into turns, your hands and feet are both in play when you brake, and you feel the engine beneath you. In short: The bike is a part of you.

Not so with the Spyder. At least not for me, in that short test ride. The sensation I had in turns was that of being pulled (and holding on for dear life). The ‘jiggly’ feeling was reminiscent of my last snowmobile trip in Yellowstone! Another test rider referred to driving the Can-Am Spyder as “operating” it rather than “riding” it. Maybe he’s onto something.

Whether it’s the wisdom of age or my motorcycle crash a couple years ago, I really like the idea of three wheels (and with a brain overcome with other things, maybe the mental part of riding won’t seem so tiring). Perhaps if I could rent a Spyder for a day I’d come to feel more like I’m working with the machine rather than against it.

What do you think? Drop me a note at with your thoughts!

  • Tracey Cramer

It's Easy to Plug your Phone in with the SLIDE Mount

Need to keep your phone plugged in while riding? The SLIDE “Plus” Phone Mount make that easy to do – and might just be the most secure motorcycle phone mount around!

The SLIDE’s flexible design accommodates a variety of devices (with and without case/cover) and makes it safer and more convenient to use a phone or other device on a motorcycle.

Medium/Vertical size fits Min width 2-3/8" / Max width 3-5/8" 
Long/Horizontal size fits Min width 4-3/4" / Max width 7-3/8"

The Slide Mount is adjustable in THREE ways:

  1. Side arms are available in three depths
  2. Side arms "Slide" along the base bar then lock in place
  3. Ultra-Swivel provides left/right or up/down options

The “Plus” feature can be found on all URBAN Vertical Slide Mounts.

More info about Leader phone mounts can be found here.


  • Tracey Cramer

Motorcycle Mounting Options for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Did you know the Diamond Mount now works with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus?

The Diamond Mount is a very clean-looking and secure way to mount an iPhone on a motorcycle.

The Form-Fitted Cradle is specifically designed for iPhones. That means your iPhone will never fall out. Cut-outs for buttons and plug-ins make this mount super convenient.

And Leader’s patented Ultra-Swivel connection system provides unlimited positioning ability but is so slim and unobtrusive, you’ll hardly know it’s there.

The Diamond Mount is available in chrome and black. Stainless steel and aluminum parts are rust-proof and machined in the USA! Pick from our extensive line of mounting locations: handlebar, brake/clutch, mirror stem, windshield and more.

Prices start at $44.99. See all Diamond Mounts here.

Not right for you? Check out these other options for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:
  • The SLIDE Mount features a support at the base of the phone. Its flexible design accommodates iPhones with and without case/cover.
  • The X-Grip Adaptor Mount has a secure four-finger design that allows you to easily plug into power.
More info here!
  • Tracey Cramer

New to Riding: Choosing a Bike & Gear

In my previous post, I talked about learning to ride safe, right from the beginning. You’ll enjoy yourself so much more, too! Let’s pick up from there.

Step three: Choosing the right bike for you.

Everyone has that dream bike. The one they picture in their mind’s eye riding down the road.

However, your dream bike may not be the best choice for your first bike. Why, you ask? I can think of a couple reasons:
  • You may drop it. Everyone does when they are first learning. Wouldn’t you rather drop a bike that you are less emotionally and financially attached to?
  • What you think you want now may not be what you want later. You’ll get a better idea of what you really want only after you’ve ridden a while and gotten some experience. No reason to fork out a ton of money only to find out a year later it doesn’t really suit your needs.
One more note: don’t go too big right away (especially women). A big motorcycle can intimidate a new rider and make you uncomfortable, and soon you’ll find yourself less enthusiastic about riding. And we don’t want that!

Get the smaller bike, and just know that at some point, you’ll want to ‘step up’ to a bigger machine. Trust me - you’ll know when the time is right.

Step Four: The gear.

It’s not just about the motorcycle; you need the right gear.

A helmet and gloves are a good start (and in my opinion, absolutely required). I have personally found a good set of boots to be crucial - you don’t want to find your feet slipping when you’re trying to stop or move the bike. Also, think about getting a jacket and pants specifically made for riding.

Gearing up right doesn't have to be expensive. You should always buy a helmet NEW, because crash damage to the interior can be undetectable to anyone but an expert. But it’s easy to find gently used riding pants, boots, gloves and jackets. Many retailers and online mail-order houses offer discounts on sell-outs and non-current styles.

Step five: Find like minded people to ride with.

Motorcycling is a social activity. There are tons of groups out there. You can always find people on Internet Message Boards. Just do a search by the brand or type of motorcycle that interests you and see what you find.

Meeting other riders will introduce you to a level of camaraderie that's uncommon these days. Riding with responsible, experienced riders can help you improve your own skills - and it’s the icing on the cake! 


  • Tracey Cramer