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Powering Your Device While Using the SLIDE Mount


The eCaddy Slide® Motorcycle Phone Mount was designed to accommodate all kinds of phones (and other devices) with and without cases/covers on them.

What if you need to power your phone while you ride, and your plug-in is inaccessible?

First, check to see if your phone screen re-orients when you turn it sideways (and even upside-down). If it does, you may have your answer already.

Second, it’s very simple to drill a hole in the SLIDE arm to accommodate your power plug. (Why didn't we manufacture it with a hole? Because there are thousands of phones and even more cases for them. Throw in the fact that you can mount your phone any direction you want in the SLIDE, and it's difficult to know where an individual person may want this hole.)

The only tools you need are chalk (or other way to mark where you need the hole) and a drill. Check out the video below showing how to do this. 

Looking for power options? Make it easy with a Battery Harness! See USB Mini and USB Micro options.

You really can't find another phone mount with this much flexibility AND classic good looks. It will be the last phone mount you'll ever need! See SLIDE Mounts here.

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  • Tracey Cramer