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What's so Cool about the Swivel-CAM Camera Mount? New Videos Show You!


The URBAN Swivel-CAM Motorcycle Camera Mount was designed to give you a multitude of angles to shoot from, and provide a classy look that is unmatched by other motorcycle camera mounts.

Available in several heights, with up to FIVE swivel/pivot points and built-in anti-vibration. Mount up or out - you can do just about anything with the Swivel-CAM! And it works with almost any camera.

Check out the 30-second videos below to see three great options!

Swivel-CAM Motorcycle Camera Mount on a Handlebar (or other Round Bar):

Swivel-CAM Motorcycle Camera Mount on the Brake or Clutch (Reservoir):

Swivel-CAM Motorcycle Camera Mount on the Mirror Stem:

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  • Tracey Cramer