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Two Mounts for Garmin Nuvi GPS


Leader now offers two styles of mounts for the Garmin Nuvi 65 / 66 / 67 / 68 series GPS units!

eCaddy Diamond Mount

The eCaddy Diamond Mount is the most secure, most versatile way to mount a Nuvi on a motorcycle. The mount includes a form-fitted cradle specifically designed for the Nuvi GPS unit. The cradle is four-sided, so the GPS will never fall out (it even has cut-outs for buttons and plug-ins).

The Ultra-Swivel feature provides unlimited positioning ability but is so slim and unobtrusive, you’ll hardly know it’s there. Prices start at $59.99. See options.

eCaddy Ball Mount

The eCaddyBall Mount might just be the cleanest-looking, most classy way to mount a Nuvi on a motorcycle. Here’s how it works: Nuvi kits contain a cradle that has a ball receiver hole in it. Simply attach the cradle to the GPS and pop it onto the eCaddy Mount. The GPS can be angled anywhere, and tightened with the holding ring. Prices start at $44.99.  See options.

Both the eCaddy Diamond and eCaddy Ball are available for handlebar, brake/clutch/controls, mirror, windshield, and specialty applications such as the Can-Am Spyder. All parts are stainless steel and aluminum.

Check out this video to see it live!

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  • Tracey Cramer