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Hydra Waterproof Mount = Wire Friendly!


The Hydra Waterproof Mount was designed to protect your Phone or GPS from rain when you ride.

The case includes an opening so that you can run a wire out of it. This opening has always been a soft ‘T’ design that closes in around the wire to keep rain out.

Previously, that wire opening was on the side of the case. But now, by popular request, that opening has been relocated to the bottom of the case on all 6” size cases.

With so many people using smart phones, the new opening location makes it easier to plug a phone in (as most power plug-ins are on the bottom of the phone) while riding!

Additional features:

  • Available in two sizes to accommodate a variety of shapes/sizes of Phone/GPS (or any other device)
  • Heavy-duty zipper edge
  • Foam pads to use as cushioning if needed
  • Ball connection on the back for a clean, streamlined look that allows you to adjust angle “on the fly”

Prices start at $69.99.  See them now!

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  • Tracey Cramer